Reliable, Fully Monitored and User-Friendly Access Control

Solutions without Compromise

Guestkey designs, manufactures, installs and services high quality access control and energy management solutions.

Our systems can provide real-time feedback on the performance of the installation as well as information on when rooms are being accessed.

We work with world-leading luxury hotels and cater for everything they require from their locking system regarding design and security.

We will help you customize your keys or cards and work with your architects and interior designers to tailor a system for your property.


Online cloud services

Guestkey Cloud

Guestkey Cloud has been designed to improve security and aid maintenance. It allows you to remotely monitor every room. Furthermore, the cloud allows you to monitor the performance of the system and anticipate problems before they occur.

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Our systems have already found a home in a variety of different settings as we are working with a number of outstanding hotels around the globe.


Details on the service we provide

What We Offer

We will manage your transition to a Guestkey system end-to-end; we aim to become a lasting member of your team.

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