Near Field Communication Cards

NFC cards are ideal for any hotel or building that prioritizes security. They provide quick and easy access using NFC technology that allows guests and employees to simply place their card near the reader and enter immediately.

Cards are easy to customize and we can print your chosen design on both sides of all of the cards provided. This allows you to display key information such as phone numbers or details about facilities.

Card Systems

We offer some card-specific products including expertly designed face plates that are placed in front of the readers. A number of our products have been custom-made for individual hotels. Some of our products are available for general sale.



Online cloud services

Guestkey Cloud

Guestkey Cloud has been designed to improve security and aid maintenance. It allows you to remotely monitor every room. Furthermore, the cloud allows you to monitor the performance of the system and anticipate problems before they occur.

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Our systems have already found a home in a variety of different settings as we are working with a number of outstanding hotels around the globe.


Details on the service we provide

What We Offer

We will manage your transition to a Guestkey system end-to-end; we aim to become a lasting member of your team.

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