Guestkey Cloud

Online cloud services

The Guestkey Cloud allows remote access to all the information on our system that your hotel needs and incorporates it into a user friendly interface that is easy to navigate. It gives real time data on all rooms and doors fitted with Guestkey readers.

Data on when rooms are being accessed and who is accessing them is extremely valuable for security and now it can be accessed anywhere. The Cloud login can be found on the Guestkey website; it uses two-factor authentication to confirm only authorised users can gain access.

In addition to the security benefits, the Guestkey Cloud it is very helpful for maintaining a smoothly operating system. The Guestkey Cloud contains well organised information on how the readers are performing. This information can be accessed by a user at a hotel or our team at Guestkey so we can diagnose any problems early on and work towards speedy solutions.

Here are some of the many functions available when the Cloud Service is opened:

Rooms – This provides a list of all the rooms fitted with readers in number and alphabetical order. Any room can be selected and all instances of the door being opened and closed are listed beside the time, name of the person opening the door, and details of whether that person is a guest or a member of staff.

Sections – This will give you a list of areas of the hotel that have been pre-programmed. You can then choose to view the rooms within that section and view the activity in the individual rooms, or view the activity in the entire section. You can also edit sections or add staff keys to specific sections.

Staff keys – On this page there is a list of staff names, roles, and expiry dates for the keys that have them. Any key can be easily cancelled on this page.

Activity – This page, similar to the rooms page, displays whenever doors are opened and closed but compiles the data from all the rooms into one list.

Users – This page outlines the members of staff that have access to the Cloud and what they are permitted to do.

Reports – Here you can monitor how the readers are performing. There are charts showing which readers are being used the most; which readers are reporting battery low the most; which readers are sending out the most alerts; and which readers are frequently misreading. There will also be information on who is logging in to the Cloud.