Optically Deciphered Keys

Our Optically Deciphered Keys give you the perfect combination of security, ease of use and aesthetics. They can be customized to your individual needs and they provide a symbolic gesture to the keys of the past.

We have worked with a number of hotels to design keys that convey their emphasis on blending innovation with tradition. We always strive to accommodate any specific requirements in the design process. When ordering a system, you have the option to help design a key or choose one of our standard keys that come with customizable dress.

Our keys are simple to operate by inserting and removing the key from the reader. Alternatively, they can be integrated with NFC tags to allow the user to open a door by holding the key in front of the reader. Within each key is a laser cut code which has been generated during manufacture. The outside of the keys are then made using precision injection mouldings. This helps us to achieve keys that are durable and well-finished.

Key Systems

We have a number of products that are specific to our key systems including a stunning range of face plates. We have a number of products that have been custom-made for specific hotels. Some of the products are available for general sale.



Online cloud services

Guestkey Cloud

Guestkey Cloud has been designed to improve security and aid maintenance. It allows you to remotely monitor every room. Furthermore, the cloud allows you to monitor the performance of the system and anticipate problems before they occur.

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Our systems have already found a home in a variety of different settings as we are working with a number of outstanding hotels around the globe.


Details on the service we provide

What We Offer

We will manage your transition to a Guestkey system end-to-end; we aim to become a lasting member of your team.

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