What We Offer

Details on the service we provide

At Guestkey we aim to take you through every stage of upgrading your access control system or installing the very first on your property.

We can offer our services in:

Product Design - System Installation - Training - Maintenance - Upgrades - Spares and replacements

The first step towards purchasing a Guestkey system is to adapt the product to make it perfect for your individual needs. We have a range of different face plates that can incorporate different requirements such as cameras and doorbells and can come with a range of different finishes to ensure they complement the surrounding decoration. Next, you will need to decide between a key based system and a card based system. Should you choose keys, we can assist you in designing your own custom key. If you would prefer, you can use our standard keys that come with custom dress options. If you choose cards, they can be printed with your own design.

Once we have settled on the ideal product we can begin installing the system. Our team of engineers is extremely well-trained and will work tirelessly to make the installation go as smoothly and accurately as possible. We will also help you to integrate our system into your current IT set up so you can use the Guestkey Cloud to monitor room access and equipment performance.

When the system has been successfully installed, the next stage is for us to give your employees basic training on how the system works and how it can be operated. We also provide a detailed manual that you can refer to as a reminder.

Now that the system is up and running we can provide regular service checks to make certain that it is working perfectly. In addition to our regular checks, those with a service agreement have the ability to call our highly proficient engineers 24/7 should further assistance be required.

Moreover, the system you install can be upgraded and developed over time. At Guestkey we understand the importance of adaptability. With today’s technology advancing rapidly, it is imperative to have an interchangeable system that is able to expand effortlessly and efficiently.

We will also be happy to supply keys, cards and spare parts as you require them. Our team works hard to be punctual and reliable with all of our deliveries to make sure your experience is the best it can be.